Storybook and Read-Aloud Combo

Storybook and Read-Aloud Combo includes:
• Wiggles Learns the Rules at School Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• Wiggles First Day at School Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• Little Sittles Learns to Join In Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• Holiday Traditions Around the World & Printable Files on Disc
• Wiggles Learns the Rules at School Listening Center 
• Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Listening Center
• The 1-100 Counting Picture Book 
• The Opposites Rhyming Picture Book
• Alphabet Action Picture Book
• The Gingerbread Man Picture Book & Read-Along
• The Wide Mouthed Frog Picture Book & Read-Along

Extra Worksheets and Activities Printable Files on Disc 
• 1-100 Counting Picture Book Worksheets
• Opposites Rhyming Book Flashcards
• Opposites Singable Book Project
• Where's Wiggles? Game
• The Hen's Walk Book

This set takes all of our Picture Books and Read-Aloud's and has them together in a combo for a great discounted price!  Not only does it include all of our Wiggles picture books, but it also includes the children size book and audio-CD for a fun and enjoyable listening center.  The .pdf files of these books come along with this set as well, so you can print off any more pages you need, as well as student-size coloring books at the back of each book!  We can't forget our popular Alphabet Action Picture Book, as well as the 1-100 Counting Picture Book, as the set would not be complete without them!  We finish off with the read-along books for our Wide Mouthed Frog and Gingerbread Man plays, along with some fun worksheets and activities included on a disc so you can print and use those however you like.  This really is a great combo for our popular picture books and read-aloud's that you just can't miss!  

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