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The Tale of the Gingerbread Man

The Tale of the Gingerbread Man - Picture Book & Read-Along CDThis award winning version of The Gingerbread Man is totally unique from any other, because it features children dressed up as the characters who are putting on the play of The Gingerbread Man! It also is a read-along, sing-along, book that can be used in a listening center, and comes with a CD on the inside cover. The songs are so catchy that your children will be singing along in no time! Kids and adults will love the illustrations, which are absolutely adorable and very child-friendly.

For those that enjoy collecting different versions of the story, this book will be a wonderful addition to your collection of Gingerbread Man books! And for those that would like to use this book to introduce their class to the idea of putting on a class play, this is a wonderful way to do it! Since the text of the book is similar to the script of the play, the book could be used as a prop for the narrator to read from while putting on the play as well. Heidi's kids asked her to re-read this book again and again. We think your kids will love it, too! Please note that the CD included is intended as a read-along or sing-along, with a spoken narrator, shortened versions of the songs, and chimes for turning the pages. It is not identical to the The Gingerbread Man Play Music CD, as that has instrumentals for each song, and full versions of the songs as well. Please take into consideration that the book uses the Christmas version of the songs and words, in case your school does not celebrate any holidays.

The Gingerbread Man Book & CD Listening Center SetThe Gingerbread Man Book & CD Listening Center Set
Want to let your kids listen to Heidi tell a fun musical story at your listening center? Now you can get two or more of these fun books with the narrated musical CD for a great price. Need more than two books? Add on additional books to this set for just $5 each. For larger sets, please call!

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Picture Book & Read-Along CD - $7.00
• 40 pages - Full color, soft cover, perfect bound 8-1/2 x 8-1/2" sq. plus Read-Along CD

Listening Center - 2 Book + CD Set - $12.00
• Includes two Picture Books and 1 Read-Along CD

Listening Center - 3 Book + CD Set - $17.00
• Includes three Picture Books and 1 Read-Along CD

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