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Distance Learning: Fall Week 1
Distance Learning: Fall Week 1
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Distance Learning: Fall Week 1

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A Distance Learning packet for TK or Kindergarten, full of no prep, printables for WEEK ONE of the school year! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for either TK or Kindergarten for both Math and Language Arts subjects. We've included a variety of worksheets and activities, so feel free to use any or all of it with your students!


This is a printable Distance Learning packet for TK or Kindergarten, WEEK ONE!  Learning to write names is a huge part of the first month of school, so there are two different EDITABLE NAME worksheets included to make it easier for you to send families an example of how children’s names should be written. We have also included practice with tracing, prewriting strokes, and scissor practice, and four different art projects for parents (or the teacher) to print out and do. Please note that this packet is appropriate for either TK or Kindergarten, but in future packets, we will differentiate the two levels as they begin to diverge.

In my (Heidi’s) experiences of having taught both grades, the first two weeks of school in both TK/K are nearly identical. The main difference is that the children in TK generally need much more time to learn, and even more developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities than are necessary for most children in Kindergarten. So you will see that our distance learning packets will begin to have differentiations for both K and TK. Because of this, these are great packets for split (combination) classes! A list of recommended HeidiSongs music videos for the week is also included, and it links to our HeidiSongs internet video site. However, a subscription to our internet video streaming site is not included. You are welcome to eliminate this page as needed.

We've divided everything up by day of the week, (Monday-Friday) so you have the option of sending this entire packet to students, with everything labeled out on what to do each day! Permission is granted to distribute to families/students in your classroom.

You may notice that there are lots of hands-on activities for math included. I have written up instructions for parents on how to do “guided exploration” with items such as linking cubes and pattern blocks. However, on each of these “worksheets,” (which are more like parent handouts), I have stated on it that it is fine to substitute another type of toy or manipulative, such as Lego bricks, etc. If you prefer to edit these and create your own Guided Exploration instructions for specific materials you will send home, then you will need to purchase the parent guides mentioned below. This packet was not priced to include those editable resources, other than the name writing.

When I teach remotely this year, I plan to print out the packets and send them to families, divided by day of the week. Then I will give directions for each activity via Zoom or Google Meets, sing with the children using the music videos referenced, and have the children do the activities right there while I “watch” online and wait for questions. Children that finish early can “go play” or read a book at home until we are ready to proceed with the next activity. However, this packet would also work for families to just use them without video guidance from the teacher. It should work either way. I will be posting more ideas for distance learning on my blog.

What's Included:

This file has 49 pages, including a lesson plan with a daily breakdown. Click here for a preview.

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