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What Number Comes Next? Game Bundle

This math game bundle gives kids FIVE fun games to practice counting skills! Each game gives kids a chance to practice telling the next number in a sequence given by an adult. The games are particularly effective in giving opportunities for kids to practice counting from one set of tens to the next. For example, the teacher may read the numbers, "26, 27, 28, 29..." and then wait for the child to provide the next number, which is 30. For children that inadvertently skip numbers as they are learning to count, these games are a life saver, because they make practice that is ordinarily dull into something FUN!

The first game is called "Blast Off!" This is a whole group game in which the teacher reads the numbers on the cards, and the children call out the next number in the sequence. But if the teacher pulls out a "Blast Off" card, they all jump up and blast off into outer space!

The next game is a small group game called, "What Comes Next, Mr. & Mrs. Ball?" This game requires the additional purchase of at least one tennis ball with a slit for a mouth and some googly eyes glued on to be your Mr. & Mrs. Ball puppet. Then the teacher reads the numbers on the cards, and gives each child a chance to tell what number comes next. If the child gets it right, they get to feed Mr. or Mrs. Ball a penny! This is SO much fun and an EXTREMELY popular, highly motivational activity!

We have also included two more small group games that are similar. One of them is called "What Comes Next Boing." In this game, the children tell what number comes next, but if they get a special picture card, such as a frog card, they hop like a frog. The other is the "What Comes Next Shape Game!" If they get a circle card, for example, they spin in a circle. This gives the teacher a chance to also review the shapes as well as counting skills.

Finally, in What Comes Next Bingo, the teacher calls out the number sequence. All of the children call out the number that comes next and look for that number on their bingo boards. The first child to cover every number on their board is the winner!

78 pages: 5 Games for What Comes Next with masters and instructions

Printable Download - $4.00
• Includes 78 pages of Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of Color & B/W Masters

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