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"I would just like to send my sincere thanks to HeidiSongs for helping my students confidently learn their sounds and sight words. I work at a very remote aboriginal school in outback Western Australia and the children just LOVE all of your songs. They beg me to play them every day and I have had the most astounding results in class recognition of sounds and sight words. I had a wonderful moment today where one girl who previously had trouble remembering her sight words could spell all of the sight words from volume one. I would ask her to spell a word and I could see her mumble the tune to the song as she correctly spelled the words! I love the confidence that your songs have given my kids. The tunes to the songs are very sweet and easy to remember without becoming monotonous and there are some great and fun actions added in for the kids too eg W song: 'first down then up then down then up SIT DOWN!' They just roll around laughing at the end of that one! Thank-you so much for your dedicated work, it is brilliant.!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Musical Math

To help kids learn: Patterning, Skip Counting, Addition, Coin Recognition and MORE!