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"I am so impressed with all of your products! I wrote a grant a couple of years ago and bought everything you had at that time and since then I buy whatever new item comes out. Another one of our Kindergarten teachers loved it and also wrote a grant to get the entire program. At our Kindergarten meeting in January the Principal was so impressed with how many sight words our children know at this time in the year that he purchased the letter and sight word DVDs and CDs for the other 2 Kindergartens and now our title one teachers want to get the program. We are also a title one school and we cannot believe how the children recognize these words when reading. Sometimes if they get stuck you can see them singing the song in their head! We do have all day every day Kindergarten which means we can spend a half hour every day singing your songs. I also use the number DVDs in the afternoon for math. You have so much to offer! Keep creating and thank you for doing so!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Musical Math

To help kids learn: Patterning, Skip Counting, Addition, Coin Recognition and MORE!