Alphabet Pattern Block Manipulatives

Alphabet Pattern Block ManipulativesThese pattern blocks can be used as an open-ended literacy center, or in a directed lesson. The activity can also be extended to have children make whole words out of them by combining multiple copies of the letters. You can also give them pre-cut paper pattern blocks and have them glue them down permanently for an art project.

52 flashcard printable masters for both upper and lower case letters, including full-color pattern block designs matching B/W letter designs for a different challenge.

Alphabet Pattern Block ManipulativesPattern Blocks:
These cards utilize standard Pattern Blocks that can be found at most School Supply stores or you can order online here at Amazon.

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Printable Download - $10.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

Printable Files on Disc - $11.00
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters on Disc