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Open House Photos, 2017! Posted on 09 Jun 07:32 , 0 comments

Open House Photos 2017 - HeidiSongsOpen House Photos 2017 - HeidiSongsDoes your school have an “Open House” or some kind of big student showcase at the end of the school year? This is very common here in California where I live!  We worked very hard to make it look particularly … Continue reading

A Fun PacMan Back to School Door or Bulletin Board! FREEBIE! Posted on 28 Aug 12:01 , 0 comments

Here’s a fun idea for a back to school door decoration or bulletin board with a PacMan video game theme, complete with all of the free downloads you need to make it happen. My first and second graders really ate this up, so if this sounds like fun to you, read on and I’ll tell you how I did it!