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Glue & Salt Painted Pumpkins: A Fun NO PREP Fall Project! Posted on 12 Oct 10:24 , 0 comments

Here is a fun art project for fall that takes (almost) no prep at all, is super fascinating for most children! It incorporates a bit of science in it, since the children get to see how the salt absorbs the water, and then how the colors diffuse and travel up the salt covered lines. This project can be adapted to suit just about ANY theme!

A Creepy Pair of Underwear Craftivity FREEBIE! Posted on 05 Oct 09:37 , 0 comments

A fun and easy craft based on a SUPER fun book by Aaron Reynolds. After reading this book just ONCE with my class last year, it instantly became the class favorite, and I KNEW we had to make the project! The illustrations by Peter Brown provided the perfect inspiration. We are providing the master and instructions FREE!

From Pre-Writing Strokes to Letters on "Sky Grass Dirt" Paper! Posted on 28 Sep 12:00 , 0 comments

This year, we are laying the foundation for writing correctly on lined paper by practicing our pre-writing STROKES on paper with OVERSIZED LINES!  And I am SUPER EXCITED to tell you about it, because the results have been just AMAZING so far!  I think that this will really prepare them to do nice, neat printing when the time comes!

Managing Toilet Needs Efficiently in Kindergarten and First Grade Posted on 21 Sep 08:08 , 0 comments

Obviously, when nature calls, we have to listen! But with a few good procedures in place, toilet needs can be managed efficiently in the classroom! Here are my rules and procedures for managing restroom needs so that my little ones can use the toilet with minimal lesson disruptions.

Push Pin Names and Letters for Fine Motor Fun! Posted on 14 Sep 10:36 , 0 comments

A great way to practice the alphabet and kids' names, while also strengthening fine motor skills!  We've been calling it Push Pin Letters or Push Pin Names, and my kids really LOVE it!

The "Secret Name Surprise" Project- Freebie! Posted on 07 Sep 08:40 , 0 comments

Here is a quick and fun project that is just perfect for the beginning of the school year, and there is almost no prep at all!  It's the "Secret Name Surprise" project, which is simply a watercolor crayon resist done over your students' names!

The Name Game: A Whole Group Game for Back to School! Posted on 31 Aug 10:20 , 0 comments

The Name Game is a fun and easy whole group game that helps children recognize and read their name and the names of their classmates!  It helps kids practice letter sounds, phonics, and beginning reading skills, too. 

The Shape Schoolhouse: A Simple Craft for Little Ones! Posted on 24 Aug 08:55 , 0 comments

Here's a simple, cute little craft for Kindergarten, Pre-K, or Transitional Kindergarten (TK) etc!  This project was easy enough for my TKs to do without much assistance, since there is no cutting involved at all! Shape School House!

A Back to School Round Up! (FREEBIES!) Posted on 17 Aug 08:37 , 0 comments

Here are a few Back to School blog posts that I hope will help and inspire you as you start your new school year!

FREE Rules for the iPad Poster (Updated!) Posted on 10 Aug 09:50 , 0 comments

Here's a newly updated Rules for the iPad poster all freshly updated for you! The poster has five simple rules in a positive PBIS format with some cute little illustrations to help non-readers, and it is FREE for you to download and print!