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Rhyme Matching Puzzles - Version 1

Rhyme Matching Puzzles This printable puzzle activity is a fun and easy, classic game to help children practice rhyming words! There are many ways to play, but the easiest way is to spread the pictures out on a table or pocket chart and have the children try to match up the rhyming pairs!
   Another way to play is to turn the cards over to the back, and play memory with them. A child will turn over one card, and say the name of the picture. I would then ask the child to give another word that rhymes with that word, and then turn over another card to look for its matching rhyme. If it matches, the child gets to keep the card! If not, play passes to the next child. You may wish to give each child that finds a match a second turn.
   We’ve made two sets of these cards, one is just the picture to match, and the second set has the word on the card to help match by reading the word on the card as well, for an added challenge!

21 pages: Includes 20 color rhyme matching puzzles, and two versions of cards; one blank set and one set with words underneath the pictures.

Printable Download - $3.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of Color Puzzles Masters

Printable Files on Disc - $4.00
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of Color Puzzles Masters on Disc

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