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Letters and Sounds - Animated DVD

Online video available on  Uscreen

Also available on Vimeo

These award winning, animated videos contain alphabet songs written to help preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten children learn letters, the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation, the ABC song, and much more!  These are great teaching songs for preschool learning, Kindergarten lessons, and are also just plain FUN kids' songs, too!  These letters and letter sounds teaching songs are perfect for children that need to MOVE TO LEARN and for those kids that like to sing and move along with music!  Kids with ADHD, autism, Down Syndrome, and children with other types of learning disabilities, learning differences or learning challenges often respond very well to this multi-sensory approach.  Teachers of special needs children all over have used this approach successfully!  Read their testimonials here.  Don't let your child or students fall behind!  

This video collection includes a unique song for every letter of the alphabet. Each and every learning song teaches the sound of the letter, and explains what the letter looks like.  The videos show how to write the letter onscreen, and children act out the shape of the letters with their bodies, which helps them remember what it looks like.  Plus, there are lots of other fun and simple movements choreographed to help keep active learners engaged!  These fun alphabet songs help children easily learn both the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet AND the letter sounds so that they can they begin learning to read.

Concepts Covered Are:
Alphabet Action, The A Song, The B Song, The C Song, The D Song, The E Song, The F Song, The G Song, The H Song, The I Song, The J Song, The K Song, The L Song, The M Song, The N Song, The O Song, The P Song, The Q Song, The R Song, The S Song, The T Song, The U Song, The V Song, The W Song, The X Song, The Y Song, The Z Song. There are also three other songs that practice all of the letters and their sounds from A-Z.  Extras Include: Alphabet Action, Sounds to Letters, and the ABC Song, which include all the letters and motions together.

Letters & Sounds Animated DVD - Basic - $20 (Save $10)
• Letters & Sounds Animated DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• Alphabet Pattern Blocks
• Singable Songs Flashcards & Bingo Game
PLUS Bonus Freebies! 

Letters & Sounds Animated DVD - Premium - $35 (Save $19)
• Letters & Sounds Animated DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• Alphabet Pattern Blocks 
• Singable Songs Songbook, Flashcards, & Bingo
• Alphabet Workbook Vols. 1 & 2 
• Hidden Alphabet Worksheets 
PLUS Bonus Freebies!

PLUS Bonus Printable Download Freebies Included in Both Basic and Premium Add-Ons:
• Alphabet Arch
• ABC RAN Boards Sample
• Letter Sounds Club Master
• Kindergarten Pacing Guides
• Letters & Sounds User Guide
• Singable Songs for Letters & Sounds Lyrics and Movements
• Documentation Master

Letters and Sounds - Animated DVDAs primary teachers know, most states now require that children in Kindergarten begin to read within a couple of months of the beginning of the school year. Children as young as four and a half years old must internalize the alphabet and sounds quickly so that they can keep up with the prescribed curriculum at the pace that has been set by the school district and state. In Heidi's California district, children are expected to know all 52 letters, at least 20 sounds, and be able to read at least ten words by the middle of November. Unfortunately, this means that when many children start school for the very first time, they are already behind.

Heidi says, "When writing my alphabet songs, what I needed was a fun way to introduce and/or review the alphabet, without boring the rest of the class that came in already knowing it. I needed an activity that would work for ALL of my students at the same time, with just ONE  teacher and NO extra help. And what I came up with in the process was something that also works for toddlers and preschoolers, as well!"

And here’s why:
* In each song, the child either forms the letter with his or her body, or draws the letter in the air while singing about its shape. (For example, they hold their hands up in a V shape while singing the V song, etc.) This forces the child to notice the shape of each letter, rather than just passively look at a flash card in a teacher’s hand.
* As the children sing and dance about the shape and sound of each letter, this exercise is sending oxygen to the brain, which enhances learning.
* This exercise also releases endorphins, a hormone in the body associated with feelings of well being.
* When children laugh at a lyric that they find amusing, the brain releases a shot of dopamine that also makes them happy and helps them to remember what they are learning.
* Successful, happy learners are more likely to cooperate with the adults in their lives, and like school. This makes it easier for loving parents to send their children off to school each day.

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More information on what is included in the Basic and Premium Combos!

Basic DVD includes the following two printable downloads:

Includes Alphabet Pattern Blocks Printable Download
Alphabet Pattern Block ManipulativesThese pattern blocks can be used as an open-ended literacy center, or in a directed lesson. The activity can also be extended to have children make whole words out of them by combining multiple copies of the letters. You can also give them pre-cut paper pattern blocks and have them glue them down permanently for an art project.
Includes: 111 pages: 104 flashcard printable masters: Both upper and lower case letters, including full-color pattern block designs and matching B/W letter designs for a different challenge. 7 pages of pattern block templates included, plus instructions.

Includes Singable Songs Songbook, Flashcards, & Bingo Printable Download
Singable Songs Flashcards & BingoThese files can be used to print and bind a songbook for your children to read along with the songs. It can be used in a listening center, or simply placed in your classroom or home library. Upper & lower case letter flashcards can provide reinforcement while singing the songs, learning drills, or games in the classroom. They are also great to send home with the children so that their parents can help them learn their letters at home.
Includes 166 pages: Songbook, flashcards for both upper and lowercase letters, and two bingo games

Premium DVD includes the above 2 printable downloads, plus the following 3 printable downloads:

Includes Alphabet Workbook Vols. 1 & 2 Printable Downloads
Alphabet Vol. 1 WorkbookYoung children often need a little extra practice in visual discrimination so that they can see the differences between one letter and another. This book is designed to provide that practice so that children can begin to identify the letters of the alphabet. It also introduces some anchor words for each letter to begin to establish that vital sound connection.

Vol. 1 Includes 118 pages: This workbook has 4 different worksheets for each letter, including writing practice and visual discrimination, plus upper and lower case alphabet flashcards.
Alphabet Vol. 2 Workbook
Vol. 2 Includes 148 pages: This workbook is designed to give children practice in identifying the beginning sounds of each word pictured and matching them to the correct letters that they see. It also introduces some anchor words for each letter to begin to establish that vital sound connection. Children also get practice in writing those letters along the way!

Includes Hidden Alphabet Worksheets Printable DownloadHidden Alphabet Worksheets
These fun worksheets are a hit with Heidi's students! Children use their visual discrimination and reading skills to find the target sight word and color in the section that it is in. When finished correctly, the letters, both upper and lower case, are revealed! The children LOVE this, and enjoy proudly showing off their finished papers. Kids have the option of coloring in the rest of the words or not at the teacher's discretion, allowing teachers to let this activity last a longer or shorter time as needed for classroom management purposes. These worksheets also make a great resource for homework or independent class time, since they are practically self checking. Includes 26 pages: B/W worksheets to support visual discrimination for upper & lower case alphabet letters. 


Letters and Sounds - Animated

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