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Counting Creatures Vol. 1 Workbook

counting creatures, numbers worksheets, This fun and motivational workbook includes ten different practice sheets for each number 1-10 to build recognition and formation skills.  One thing that is really fun about it is that at the beginning of the workbook, I introduced each character with it’s own little poem and coloring page.  The children clap out the number of limbs or features that each character should have. 

Includes 109 pages of number recognition and formation drills, including:
• Clap and count along poem to make into a booklet
• Circle and find - numeral discrimination.
• Trace and write - number writing practice.
• Count and Draw the missing pieces of the characters.
• Counting practice pages - include a “cut and paste” format, “circle the correct number” format, “draw the correct amount” format, and “count and color” the correct number format.
• Easily print digital files from Adobe .pdf Masters.

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Printed Workbook - NOW $5.00 *Limited Quantities Available*
• 108 pages - B/W, perfect bound, soft-cover workbook. 10 different types of numbers worksheets for numbers 1-10, plus an interactive, clap and count-along poem about each number.

Printed Workbook & Printable Download - NOW $10.00 *Limited Quantities Available*
• Includes Printed Workbook
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters

Printable Download - $10.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters

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