Number Jumble 0-30 DVD

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Number Jumble 0-30 DVD

Number Jumble 0-30 follows our award winning DVD , now with all of our newly animated 11-30 songs! This collection of songs and movements help kids practice number recognition, number writing, counting skills, and how to read the number words, and our popular 1-100 counting song!  This is a great way to bring fun and educational music and movement into your home or classroom!  The DVD is divided into four sections, with two bonus songs.  The Number Writing section has a song for each number 0-10 that helps kids learn how to write the numeral.  It also uses Heidi’s cute Counting Creatures robots and monsters to help show kids how!  The Jumpin' Numbers section has a song to help children learn to recognize each number zero through ten, and now a section showing all the numbers 11-30! And the last section teaches kids to read and spell the number WORDS zero through ten, so that they are ready to read and write in math.  Additionally, there is Heidi's Classic 1-100 Song, and and her Counting Creatures 1-10 number rhymes, put to song. We recommend using the DVD in conjunction with the Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes flashcards, the Counting Creatures workbooks, and the other great numbers and shapes resources available on our website!  Number Jumble is a great starting point for any child that needs to learn these basics, or for a parent or teacher who is new to HeidiSongs products.

Topics Covered Are:
Number Writing and formation 0-10, Counting 1-100, Number Recognition 0-30, Number Words Zero thru Ten, and more!

Multi-sensory Learning methods
Number Jumble 0-10 DVDMulti-sensory learning includes using multiple senses simultaneously to teach and practice the material, thus increasing the number of pathways around the brain able to absorb and retain the information.  For some children, especially those with limited preschool experiences, simple shape and number recognition from zero to ten is a problem.  Because of this, Heidi developed the Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes songs, multi-sensory video DVD's and flash cards.  The flash cards all have a character embedded into each number or shape.  This character jogs the child’s memory to help him remember a motion and the name of the number or shape. (Note: These images show the "classic" Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1, available on our Vimeo Channel

Jumpin' Numbers & Shakin' Shapes FlashcardsFor example, there is a monkey on the number eight card. When the children see it, they are coached to say, “Eight!” while making a monkey motion. Often, if they cannot immediately remember the name of the numeral, when they make the motion the memory is jogged and the number often pops right out of their mouths, much to their surprise!
The movement of the hands work to activate the muscle memory that some children need to help them remember the name of that number or shape.  As an added bonus, many of the motions mimic the form of the number or shape. For example, the motion for number eight with the hands overhead and the knees bent forms the shape of the eight. The motion for number four is to hop with two hands up on your head like bunny ears; this is meant to look like the two top lines on a number four.




Check out Heidi's Blog for more information on Jumpin' Numbers:
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You can now find our newest video, Number Jumble 0-30, on Vimeo for rental!

Attention HeidiSongs Fans! We've kept our "classic" Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 Video on Vimeo for those who prefer seeing Heidi presenting all of the original songs for this series!  Included on the original DVD are Heidi's 0-10 songs, as well as the seven basic shapes. Check out this link if you have not seen it!

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