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Sounds Fun Phonics Fluency Charts

Phonics Fluency Charts heidisongsSounds Fun Phonics Fluency Charts are a great alternative to flashcards because they are quick to duplicate and easy to manage. Also, each word on the chart is duplicated multiple times in order to get children the repeated practice that they need. This has become Heidi’s preferred method over sending flashcards home, because it helps parents understand that children need to practice reading each word more than one time! There is also an element of accountability included because the children are asked to fill in how many words per minute they were able to read. In addition, it is simple to practice exactly the same thing at school as at home by setting aside a few minutes at school to have the entire class read the chart aloud together.

Heidi does this and then simply chooses one child to focus on each day to listen while they read the words. Then she asks for a show of hands how many were able to get through 20, 40, or 50 words in the one minute that just passed. If these pages are kept in a special folder or left out on the students’ desks to find each morning first thing, fluency practice can become a simple matter of routine, habit, and a vital part of any language arts program!

Includes 31 pages: 25 phonics patterns including: -ai, -ar, -au, -aw, -ay, -ea, -ee, -er, -ew, -igh, -ing, -ink, -ir, -oa, -oi, -oo, -or, -ou, -ow, -oy, -unk, -ur, ch-, sh-, th-, plus three phonics rules: Bossy E, Vowel Pairs, Final Y.

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