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The Tale of the Gingerbread Man

The Tale of the Gingerbread ManThis CD contains the soundtrack to a darling primary musical is based on the story of the Gingerbread Man. It is easy enough for Kindergarten students to perform successfully, but still fun for first or second graders. The entire show can be performed in twenty minutes or less with costumes and sets that are simple to make, and easy to display.

Characters include: Grandma, Grandpa, the Little Boy, the Little Girl, the Gingerbread Man, the Fox, three Farmers, three Bears, and six Dancing Christmas Trees. The rest of the children made up the chorus. Check out Heidi's Blog on how to add more characters here.

One song contains a reference to "Christmas cookies," so this musical is best performed during the December holiday season. Otherwise, simply change the words to "yummy cookies" if you prefer. The CD now contains a track at the very end with this alternate wording. The songs are simple, fun, and catchy, and much easier to learn for young children than Jingle Bells and Up on the Housetop. Heidi uses the video of her kids in performance to help teach the children their parts which can be found on YouTube, then uses the Music CD during the actual performance. Heidi will often transfer the audio files from the CD to her iPod for easier control while directing the play, and have a narrator read the script.

The Music CD includes these complete music track sets:
1) Demo Tracks - with complete music with all the voices and music
2) Instrumental Only Tracks - No voices, only music
3) Solos out - Chorus only Tracks - With background voices only to fill out the chorus for a richer performance

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Music CD & Script - $15.00
• Demo Tracks, Instrumental Only Tracks, Solos Out - Chorus Only Tracks
• Printable Script File (.pdf)

Music & Script Download - $15.00
• Downloadable MP3 Audio Files (.mp3) of Demo Tracks, Instrumental Only Tracks, Solos Out - Chorus Only Tracks
(*Note: This is a large file, please allow time for complete download.)
• Downloadable Printable Script File (.pdf)

-The Tale of the Gingerbread Man Script & Handmotions

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