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Christmas Countdown 20-10 Song & Singable Book Project

Christmas Countdown 20-10 Song & Singable Book Project

Christmas Countdown 20-10 Song - This book teaches kids to draw and count with a holiday theme. Includes illustrations to count & color from 20 down to 10, with a familiar Christmas tune.  A great holiday project that everyone will enjoy!

All Printable Project files include:
130 page Printable masters of Singable Book Songs
• Cutting dimensions and templates for easy classroom prep.
• PDF images of completed project

This download contains the MP3 file of the Christmas Countdown Song and the complete master, pictures, and detailed instructions you need to make the "Singable Book" included in the "Little Songs for Language Arts" CD and DVD! Heidi's class can almost always be found "in progress" making one of these "Singable Books!" Book making helps children learn to follow directions, develop their fine motor skills, and learn reading skills such as tracking, fluency, and concepts of print. Plus, each child winds up with a book to add to their classroom library that they can each read and feel true ownership of!

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