CVC Vol. 1 - I Spy Word Families Easy Reader

CVC Vol. 1 - I Spy Word Families Easy ReaderThe HeidiSongs CVC I-Spy easy reader books are a fun way for children to practice reading three letter words and sight words within the context of a short “search and find” story!  These little print and fold booklets are great for helping children focus on comprehension skills at a very basic level, because they must read the words and then find the pictures that match each one.  So rather than reading a single word and finding the matching picture, children must read a sentence or two, try to understand it, and then think about what they have read.  Then they must not only circle (and color, if you choose!) the corresponding pictures, but also ignore the pictures of the words that were not mentioned in the story.  This takes a little bit of thinking, and some self-control, as well!  The last page has a space for children to write some of the CVC words from that word family and draw some pictures.  Teachers and parents may choose to give some children the first page of each book only, depending on their needs and their attention span.

15 pages include: Seven word family books in this set that corresponds to our HeidiSongs CVC Book, Vol. 1. That’s one book for each of the following word families (or groups of families): The At Family The An Family The It & In Families The Ip & Ig Families The Ot, Op, & Ox Families The Et, En, & Eg Families The Ug, Ut, & Un Families

Word Families Covered Are:
Short A (–at), (–an)
Short E (–eg), (–en), (–et)
Short I (–ig), (–in), (–ip), (–it)
Short O (–op), (–ot), (–ox)
Short U (–ug), (–ut), (–un)

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