CVC Vol. 2 - Hidden Word Families Worksheets

CVC Vol. 2 - Hidden Word Families WorksheetsHere is a SECOND set of Hidden Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) Words for your students to find and color! Children use their visual discrimination, phonics, and reading skills to find the target CVC word and color in the section that it is in. If it is done correctly, then the correct word appears! Children LOVE this, and enjoy proudly showing off their finished papers. Kids have the option of coloring in the rest of the words or not at the teacher's discretion, allowing teachers to let this activity last a longer or shorter time as needed for classroom management purposes. These self-checking worksheets also make a great resource for homework or class time when children need to be able to work alone. The word families covered in this set go along with the word families on CVC Volume 2.

93 pages - B/W worksheets to support visual discrimination for 13 different short vowel word families

Word Families Covered Are:
Short A (-ap), (-ag), (-ad)
Short E (-ed), (-em)
Short I (-id), (-im)
Short O (-od), (-og)
Short U (-um), (-ud), (-ub), (-up)

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