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HeidiSongs DVD Set

This set includes nearly all the HeidiSongs DVD's we currently publish... this package includes all of our updated animated videos, a making this set the perfect solution for primary school, home or daycare students. It is also our best DVD deal and has materials that can be used from Pre-K to second grade!

HeidiSongs Animated DVD set
Our "animated" titles are the same songs from Heidi you know and love, but we've changed it up with new, child-friendly animations, plus five new performers dancing and singing along on screen. Helps keep your lowest and highest students engaged longer!

Animated set includes the following*:
Sight Words 1-6 DVDs 
Number Jumble 0-30 DVD
Musical Math 1 DVD
Musical Math 2 DVD
Skip Counting Songs for Multiplication DVD
Sounds Fun Phonics DVD
Word Family Songs DVD
Letters & Sounds DVD
Alphabet Formation DVD
Colors & Shapes DVD
Mother Goose: Nursery Rhymes DVD
Language Arts DVD
Classroom Management DVD


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Online Streaming Movie

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Watch our videos online with new features and playback controls!

HeidiSongs has now partnered with UScreen to include Custom Song Lists that are flexible and easy to use, an Easy-to-Choose & Play Song Interface, Automatic Song Advancing and Repeat Mode!  You can choose from our individual titles (like a single DVD) for as little as $.99 a month, our 175 High-Frequency Sight Word songs in either Classic or Animated style for only $5.99 a month, or EVERY HeidiSongs Video ever, including 496+ original teaching songs for a low monthly subscription of $9.99! All options include easy-to-play and custom song lists that will help you organize your lessons and simplify your teaching experience!

Want to know more about UScreen? We’re even giving you a FREE 30 Day Test Subscription to check it all out!

No DVD drive in your computer?  Many computers no longer have built in drives, but an inexpensive external drive will get you up and running again! Check out one of these drives that utilize a simple USB connection from Amazon.

Still prefer to use Vimeo On Demand? Many of our customers have been happy with our Vimeo streaming options, that offer a 12 month rental for as little as $6.99 a year.  One nagging issue with Vimeo streaming is that all the songs are combined in a single movie, and finding individual songs can be a challenge. The Vimeo player app allows you to scroll along the timeline to find the song you want, and we’ve added timecode tags to help find each song, but it’s not ideal for some teachers! Vimeo has not updated it’s services to improve this situation, so we are recommending UScreen for ease of use in the classroom! Even so, we've had wonderful feedback from our Vimeo customers, so you might want to check it out to compare features for yourself.

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