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Musical Math 2 - Video

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Musical Math Vol. 2 DVD

This fun, award winning DVD includes all of the great songs from our Musical Math 2 CD, now with onscreen movements and animations to keep student's attention focused, while addressing many of the concepts introduced in the Primary classroom.  These catchy songs include both time-honored math concepts such as telling time, measuring, putting numbers in order, and three-dimensional shapes, as well as many newer Common Core concepts, such as using a Rekenrek, subitizing, decomposing numbers, and counting on in addition. Most math text books now use the words “greater than” and “fewer than” rather than “more” and “less,” so we now have a song on what those words mean. We have also found that many first graders are expected to count by threes now, so we have included a song to help children learn that easily.

Concepts Covered Are:
Greater Than-Fewer Than, Subitize, Rekenrek Song, Mission Ways to Make Four, What's a Sum?, Counting On with Addition, Counting by Threes, Putting Numbers in Order, Odds & Evens, Hexagon, Trapezoid, Cylinder, Measuring with a Ruler, The Pattern of the Hundreds Chart, 12 vs. 21, Counting Backwards from 20, Telling Time is Easy, One Half-One Fourth, Counting Coins, Adding Numbers to Ten, So Many Ways to Solve a Problem, Keywords for Addition, Keywords for Subtraction, Get on the Tens' Bus!, What is Place Value?

Musical Math 2 DVD - Deluxe - $20 (Save $8)
• Musical Math 2 DVD
• Odd & Even Worksheets 
• Butterfly Addition & Subtraction Worksheets
• Bean Toss Addition & Subtraction Worksheets
• Musical Math Vol. 2 Songbook
PLUS Bonus Freebies! 

Musical Math 2 DVD - Premium - $35 (Save $17)
• Musical Math 2 DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• Odd & Even Worksheets
• Butterfly Addition & Subtraction Worksheets
• Bean Toss Addition & Subtraction Worksheets
• Musical Math Vol. 2 Songbook
• Matching Numbers 11-30 Worksheets
• Dinosaur & Robot Pattern Block Activity 
• Counting Creatures Addition Sets 1-3 Worksheets
• Counting Creatures Subtraction Sets 1-3 Worksheets
• 1-100 Counting Picture Book Worksheets
PLUS Bonus Freebies!

PLUS Bonus Printable Download Freebies Included in Both Deluxe and Premium Add-Ons:
• 12 vs 21 Sort
• Calendar Book Pages
• No School Today Calendar Picture
• Christmas Graph Worksheet
• Count By Tens Christmas Tree Hat
• Counting On with Addition Eggs Puzzle
• Fall Decomposing Numbers Masters
• Graph Worksheet Farm
• Graph Worksheet November
• Hundreds Chart
• Hundreds Day Hat Master
• Jack-o-Lanterns Decomposing Numbers
• Roll a Leprechaun - Place Value Game
• Roll a Rabbit - Place Value Game
• Gingerbread Man Ten Frames Zoo Animal Probability Graph
• 10-30 Place Value Practice Cards
• Musical Math Vol. 2 Lyrics & Movements

Flexibility in problem solving and thinking is a huge part of the Common Core, so we now have a song called, “So Many Ways to Solve a Problem” with visual examples to help children remember all of the different things that they could do in order to persevere through a tricky problem. But some things just never change in math, so learning how to count coins, understand place value, and memorize some keywords for addition and subtraction are also an important part of this great musical teaching tool.

Because language arts instruction is so important and seems to eat up so much time, I find that it is all the more crucial to make sure that my math instruction is effective and is delivered efficiently. I use math manipulatives in small groups daily to develop math concepts and understandings, and then use the songs and visuals from the DVD to actively reinforce and review these math concepts at other times of the day as well. The songs on our 2 volumes of Musical Math CD and DVD are particularly helpful in reviewing the academic vocabulary associated with these math concepts.

Find more information on Musical Math on Heidi's blog:
-Building Primary Math Concepts
-Teaching Kids to Count to 100

More information on what is included in the Deluxe and Premium Combos!

Deluxe DVD includes the following four printable downloads:

Includes Odd & Even Worksheets Printable Download
Odd & Even WorksheetsIncludes 20 worksheets with hidden odd and even numbers for kids to find and color!
These worksheets are fun because the coloring patterns within the pictures themselves give the children a clue to help them figure out the answers if they are a little unsure. First, make sure that the students understand what odd and even numbers are. Then, simply explain and model the process of finding a number, deciding if it is odd or even, and then coloring it. Most children catch on to this quite easily. You may wish to guide them through as they find each number, help them decide if the number is odd or even, and then have them circle either the odds or the evens.

Includes Bean Toss Addition & Subtraction Worksheets Printable Download
Bean Toss Addition & Subtraction WorksheetsThis is a favorite addition & subtraction activity that Heidi uses faithfully each year. It can be used to help children remember the number combinations for any given number, such as four is the same as three plus one or two plus two, etc. Includes 14 Worksheets, with sums to 4 through 10 to support the small group activity.

15 pages: Includes 14 Worksheets, with sums to 4 through 10, plus instructions.

Includes Butterfly Addition & Subtraction Worksheets Printable Download
Butterfly Addition & Subtraction WorksheetsThese worksheets are designed to help children practice addition and subtraction. A large workmat is provided for the children to use, as well as 16 worksheets for sums and differences from five to twelve.

18 pages: Includes 16 worksheets for sums and differences from five to twelve, plus instructions and butterfly mat.

Includes Musical Math Vol. 2 Songbook Printable Download
Musical Math Vol. 2 SongbookThe Musical Math Vol. 2 Songbook has the song title and lyrics to each song on their own page. These files can be used to print and bind a songbook for your children to read along with the songs, or for yourself when you are helping to teach the children the songs. It can be used in a listening center, or simply placed in your classroom or home library. It is a great tool for learning these songs that go along with the CD or DVD.

Includes 40 pages, with the name of the songs and lyrics each on their own page.

Premium DVD includes the above 4 printable downloads, plus the following 5 printable downloads:

Includes Matching Number Worksheets 11-30 Printable Download
Matching Numbers Worksheets 11-30This set of worksheets is designed to help children practice counting out sets of numbers from 11-30 and matching them to the correct numeral. Features fun Winter and Spring theme with snowmen, penguins, Eskimos, snow hats, mittens, and also some with hearts and bunnies, etc. Great to use as a math center activity, or for extra practice and homework, plus the kids just love to color the pictures after!

Includes 13 Worksheets, with match number sets 11-30.

Includes Counting Creatures Addition Worksheets Sets 1-3 Printable Download
Counting Creatures Addition Worksheets Sets 1-3This fun set of Addition worksheets features all the great Counting Creatures artwork with progressively difficult sums from 4 to 12. Each of the worksheet sets are fun to do and many include opportunities to draw, count and color, to help polish their primary math skills. These worksheets help make math FUN!
Includes 54 pages: 18 worksheet pages in each set

Includes Counting Creatures Subtraction Worksheets Sets 1-3 Printable Download
Counting Creatures Subtraction Worksheets Sets 1-3These worksheets are intended to help children follow up and practice their newly formed subtraction skills. Most of the worksheets have only five or six equations on them, since children that are just learning are typically a bit slow at completing them. Also, you will notice that the majority of the worksheets have spaces for the children to draw pictures to help them find the answers. For example, there may be a large box with the equation “4 - 3 = __” in it. In this case, the children are taught to draw four things, (usually circles,) and then cross out three of them. Then they count the ones that are left, and write the answer in the box.
Includes 46 pages: 16 pages in Set 1, and 15 pages in each Set 2 & 3

Includes 1-100 Counting Picture Book Worksheets Printable Download
1-100 Worksheets Printable Download1-100 Worksheets Printable DownloadWorksheets include ten different graphing worksheets, ten worksheets for practice in number sequencing, 30 'Connect the Dots' featuring three different ways of counting by ones, or by two’s, or by five’s, plus 15 coloring pages, all with the fun characters and artwork from the 1-100 Counting Book!
Worksheets Include: 66 Worksheet pages - 8-1/2 x 11"

Includes Dinosaur & Robot Pattern Block Activities Printable Download
Dinosaur & Robot Pattern Block ActivityThis set of masters is provided to help children practice shape recognition and visual discrimination with pattern blocks. When children place the pattern blocks down carefully on the page, they also get practice with fine motor skills as well! This pattern block activity makes a wonderful learning center for math time or a great at home project.

Includes 28 pages: 10 shapes, color and B/W - Includes printable pattern blocks.


Musical Math 2 - Video

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