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To help kids learn, improve, and practice a variety of math skills including: multiplication, division, math fluency, multiples, factors, dividends, place value, mode and range, equal groups, and more! Your kids can learn the multiplication tables from 2-12 just by singing and bouncing along with these high energy, lively, songs! Once kids have learned the skip counting sequences for each number, they will be able to easily memorize the multiplication and division facts, which then improves their mathematical fluency in general. These same skip counting sequences will also give kids the multiples of each number, and knowing the division facts will give them the factors of each number. Other songs included in this set also help teach kids about the key words for multiplication and division to help solve word problems, what mode and range are, and the basics about place value.

Concepts Covered Are:
Skip Count Two, Skip Count Three, Skip Count Four, Skip Count Five, Skip Count Six, Skip Count Seven, Skip Count Eight, Skip Count Nine, Skip Count Ten, Skip Count Eleven, Skip Count Twelve, Multiplication Key Words, Division Key Words, Mode & Range, What is Place Value?

Mode Range SongWe want to acknowledge our art sources for their wonderful support in providing the various characters featured in these animations. Be sure to check out: WinchesterLambourne Etsy Shop


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