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Sounds Fun Phonics CD

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Sounds Fun Phonics

These catchy phonics songs teach word families, phonics rules, and spelling patterns that help kids learn to read through music and movement, using the free downloadable hand motion descriptions or our videos. These songs help kids learn words with sh, th, and ch words, too!  It also helps children learn to read words with long vowels spelled with vowel digraphs (vowel teams), such as ea, ee, ai, ay, oa, igh, and the final e or “Bossy E” spelling rule.  Also included are songs for the diphthongs oi, oy, ou, ow, au, aw, and also the r-controlled vowels ar, er, ir, and ur.  Kids with ADD, ADHD, autism, and other special needs learn particularly well with these songs because they are active, fun, and the music makes them stick in long term memory, like an “earworm” you just can’t forget!  In addition to basic phonics skills, these songs promote better phonemic awareness skills and help kids develop the alphabetic principle. The songs can be purchased here on CD or download on iTunes. 


Sounds Fun Phonics is an award winning system of teaching basic phonics rules, word families, and spelling patterns to beginning readers. This is an easy way to reinforce a child’s understanding of the relationships between letters and sounds. A strong understanding of phonics is essential for children who are getting ready to learn how to read. These songs and resources help to reinforce some of the most common letter combinations and sounds through engaging music. The music serves to reinforce these basic phonics rules and sound spelling patterns, so that they can learn to read, write, and spell quickly and easily. We recommend using the videos (on DVD or streaming online) or on CD in combination with the character flashcards for the most effective teaching results. Download the printable song lyrics and movements for fun and active learning. Or, get it on DVD in addition to the CD and have your child do the movements right along with Heidi’s team of multicultural friends on screen!

The phonics videos and songs are just one part of the total Sounds Fun Phonics system that is even MORE effective when used as a whole set.  The Sounds Fun Combo includes EVERYTHING you need to help teach kids basic phonics and reading skills for $60, including the printed flash cards and poster.

Phonics Spelling Patterns covered include: Ai/Ay-Hooray, Ar-Pirate, Au/Aw-Caw, Ch-Choo Choo, Ea/Ee-Whee, Er/Ir/Ur-Tiger, Ew-Monster, Igh-Sailor, Ing-King, Ink-Pink Ink, Oa-Tummy Ache, Oi/Oy-Piggy, Oo-Monkey, Or-Dinosaur, Ou/Ow-Howl, Sh-Quiet Girl, Th-Blowing Raspberries, Unk-Skunk, plus these basic phonics rules: Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk

Here's how it works: The picture cue triggers the memory of a movement that goes with the sound of each combination of letters. When the children are drilled with the flash cards and are asked to respond physically and verbally, they will remember more quickly than without the visual-kinesthetic element. 

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