"I love your CVC book !!! I have used Explode the Code for several years but probably going to just use your book this year instead !!! And planning on ordering the second one !!! My administration is wonderful !!! I do not have to follow county series if I don't want !!! It gives me se much flexibility with my students !!! I am a huge writing to read follower and have implemented quite a bit into my classroom !!! I also wanted you to know that my mom and dad bought me acouple of your DVDs for Christmas two years ago... I had never heard of you but I have been hooked ever since !!! My principal came in for a 15 minute observation but she stayed over a hour !!! Later she told me she was having such fun she just couldn't stand to leave !!! Needless to say my scores were exceptionally high !!! So thanks to you and my mom and dad for introducing you to me !!!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Sing & Spell Vol. 1

Words Covered Are: and, are, can, for, go, have, he, here, is, like, me, my, of, on, play, said, see, she, that, the, they, to, was, with, you and I'm Done.