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Push Pin Names and Letters for Fine Motor Fun! Posted on 14 Sep 10:36 , 0 comments

A great way to practice the alphabet and kids' names, while also strengthening fine motor skills!  We've been calling it Push Pin Letters or Push Pin Names, and my kids really LOVE it!

The "Secret Name Surprise" Project- Freebie! Posted on 07 Sep 08:40 , 0 comments

Here is a quick and fun project that is just perfect for the beginning of the school year, and there is almost no prep at all!  It's the "Secret Name Surprise" project, which is simply a watercolor crayon resist done over your students' names!

The Name Game: A Whole Group Game for Back to School! Posted on 31 Aug 10:20 , 0 comments

The Name Game is a fun and easy whole group game that helps children recognize and read their name and the names of their classmates!  It helps kids practice letter sounds, phonics, and beginning reading skills, too. 

The Shape Schoolhouse: A Simple Craft for Little Ones! Posted on 24 Aug 08:55 , 0 comments

Here's a simple, cute little craft for Kindergarten, Pre-K, or Transitional Kindergarten (TK) etc!  This project was easy enough for my TKs to do without much assistance, since there is no cutting involved at all! Shape School House!

A Back to School Round Up! (FREEBIES!) Posted on 17 Aug 08:37 , 0 comments

Here are a few Back to School blog posts that I hope will help and inspire you as you start your new school year!

FREE Rules for the iPad Poster (Updated!) Posted on 10 Aug 09:50 , 0 comments

Here's a newly updated Rules for the iPad poster all freshly updated for you! The poster has five simple rules in a positive PBIS format with some cute little illustrations to help non-readers, and it is FREE for you to download and print!

Consequences That Teach Better Behavior (Instead of Punish) Posted on 03 Aug 08:00 , 0 comments

This post is full of my ideas for effective consequences that actually teach BETTER BEHAVIOR than simply punish a child for a discipline problem!

Best Free and Paid Apps for Kindergarten & PreK Posted on 27 Jul 13:50 , 2 comments

Here's a list of my favorite free and paid iPad apps for Kindergarten and Pre-K for the 2018-19 school year!  These apps include skills such as alphabet recognition, beginning reading skills such as letter sounds, sounding out words, and learning sight words, as well as early math skills such as numbers and numeracy, shape recognition, matching sets, patterning, addition and subtraction, etc.  

New! Alphabet Trace and Sound Circle Worksheets! Posted on 20 Jul 10:09 , 0 comments

Here is a brand, new product for those of you that teach the letters and sounds, especially within the "Letter of the Week" format:  It's our Alphabet trace and Sound Circle Worksheets!  I love these because they are simple, straightforward, and to the point, and can usually be done in ten minutes or less. 

Cooperative “Live” Tic Tac Toe: A Fun Problem Solving Game! Posted on 13 Jul 15:38 , 1 comment

A fun, interactive, whole group game for young children that boosts problem solving skills and cooperative learning! Kids practice self­-regulation skills, thinking ahead, cooperation, following directions, and boosts social skills. You can’t beat that, right?