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What to Put On a Focus Wall in Kindergarten Posted on 25 Mar 13:04 , 0 comments

Do you have a Focus Wall in your classroom? Do you know what a Focus Wall is? I used to think that nearly every primary teacher had one up in the classroom, because it just a basic teaching tool. However, I have come to realize lately that most teachers do not have one, and many have never heard of a Focus Wall at all!

Go Bonkers with ESGI and Friends! Posted on 1 Feb 09:16 , 0 comments

Teacher friends! Do you use ESGI assessment tests?? Have you maybe thought about using them, but weren't sure??? Well, NOW is the time to sign up!!

NEW Pete the Cat Freebie: Matching Numbers & Shoes Counting Activity! Posted on 15 Jan 10:07 , 0 comments

Do you LOVE Pete the Cat?  Me, too!  So here’s a fun NEW Pete the Cat freebie to start the new year off right!  It’s our Pete the Cat Matching Numbers and Shoes Counting Activity!  In this activity, kids will find the correct number of shoes to put in Pete’s closet and attach them with Velcro.  So, they will count out four shoes for the closet with the number four, and six shoes for the closet with number six!  It’s as easy as that!

A Color Word Letter Sort - FREEBIE! Posted on 4 Jan 08:10 , 0 comments

In this free activity, children can cut the letters apart and sort them by the letter of the alphabet. This is meant to mimic the activity in which children search for large letters in environmental print, such as magazines and newspapers. For children that are learning to read the color words, these words qualify as environmental print for them.  It also helps them focus on each letter found in each word!

My Top TEN Blog Posts of 2018!! Posted on 28 Dec 12:30 , 0 comments

It was a great year for blogging!  Here at my TOP ten blog posts from 2018!! Enjoy!!

Come to the Southern California Kindergarten Conference 2019!! Posted on 19 Dec 11:34 , 0 comments

The 33rd Annual Southern California Kindergarten Conference is right around the corner!!! We have a lot of GREAT speakers lined up this year, I'm so excited!!!

Holiday Traditions Around the World & Critical Thinking! Posted on 18 Dec 12:58 , 0 comments

I have some free downloadable questions and activities for teaching critical thinking skills with Holiday Traditions Around the World to kindergarten, first, and second graders! Okay, I know, I know. I bet you're thinking that you are way too busy to even bother with critical thinking right now! But read on!!

One Camp Fire Teacher's Story: Where is She Now? Posted on 14 Dec 08:57 , 0 comments

Imagine that your school and town burned down in a horrific, deadly fire.  Somehow, eventually- you've got to continue teaching- even though your classroom is gone, along with every instructional supply you ever created or purchased.  But how?  And WHERE?  And furthermore, how do you FOCUS on these issues when your home is also gone, and you are in shock and grieving for all that is lost?

The Gingerbread Man: An Easy Class Play for Kindergarten! Posted on 6 Dec 15:06 , 0 comments

Have you ever wished for an EASY kindergarten play with a part for every child (24!) in your class?  Then our HeidiSongs version of the Gingerbread Man is just what you are looking for!  It is absolutely ADORABLE, and parents and students alike just LOVE IT!  Want to hear more?  Read on!  There is no doubt that putting on a play can be extra work and extra stress, but when I see the children having such a wonderful time, it makes it all worthwhile.

10 Simple Memory Tricks to Help Kids Learn the Alphabet Posted on 30 Nov 11:48 , 0 comments

Sometimes, kids have trouble learning the alphabet.  And when this happens, teachers and parents will use anything and everything to help them learn.  And often, inventing a mnemonic device (also known as a memory trick, a memory booster, or even a gimmick) about the more difficult letters can really help!  In this article, I'm going to share the little tricks I use to help my kids that struggle remember the letter NAMES.